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How to use the Data Visualization feature in ListKit
How to use the Data Visualization feature in ListKit

This feature may look pretty, but it's also incredibly useful for building targeted lists

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If you've been playing around with ListKit, you've probably noticed the data visualization dashboard...

It looks like this:

Looks clean, right?

Well, it's actually a LOT more useful than you might think...

Here's why:

Once you build a search of, let's say, 10k people...

You have no way of knowing what types of prospects are in the entirety of the list.

Until now.

With this dashboard, you can now see the top 5 job titles the list comprises of, which keywords make up the list, and which countries and continents the prospects are in.

Don't want one of the job titles or industries in your search?

Go back to the filters and exclude it.

This type of data visualization was never possible before!

Check out this video explaining the dashboard in more detail:

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