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What are the targeting filters?
What are the targeting filters?
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We have 2 categories of filtering:

Company search, and people search.

Start with company search.

This is where you can filter by the type of company you’re looking to target…

For example, cosmetics eCommerce brands or trucking companies.

The easiest way to start is with the “Industries” filter, where you can browse 245 different industries.

If you don’t see the industry you’re looking for, use the “Keywords” filter to manually enter the niche you’re looking to target.

For example, if you enter “Cosmetics” into the keyword filter, you’ll be presented with a list of cosmetics brands.

You can also filter for more specific things like Total employees, Technologies used (like Shopify for example), Location of the business, etc

Once you’re set on the types of companies you’re looking to target, it’s time for the people search.

Here is where you can filter by the type of people you’re looking to target…

Most importantly, their Job Title.

Filter by titles like CEO, Founder, CMO, COO, Head of Sales, VP of Marketing, etc

And, here’s an exciting feature…

You can also EXCLUDE certain Job Titles from your search.

So if you REALLY don’t want to target a Project Manager with your list, you can exclude Project Managers from your search.

Other people search filters:

> Gender

> University

> Location of the person

Hope this helps!

Reply to this post if you have a specific question we can help clarify :)

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